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The Learning Place Curriculum

Here at TLP, our professional staff of teachers and care-givers provide a nurturing, stimulating environment in which children from Infants to Pre-K learn and grow. The most important goal of our curriculum is to help children gain a good sense of self and confidence, while becoming enthusiastic learners. Throughout the day, children are encouraged to be active, creative and independent. We know that children learn best by doing. The Creative Curriculum® balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests.

INFANTS - discover how to use their bodies; from reaching and grasping to sitting and crawling, from standing and cruising to walking. A nurturing and stimulating environment is key as infants learn to discriminate sounds and visual images and begin to understand language. Feeding, diapering and sleep schedules are kept according to each individual infant’s needs.

TODDLERS - experiment with cause and effect and explore their environment as they become mobile. They are learning to use language to communicate their wants and needs. Toddlers begin to establish themselves as individuals. Active play is an important part of all areas of development at this stage. Toddlers often play alongside their classmates, very involved in their own interests. They are very impulsive and are learning how to express their emotions.

TWO YEAR OLDS - are using language with greater ease as their vocabulary increases at an astonishing rate. They become more “in control” of their bodies and emotions, (a good time to introduce the potty). Two year olds are less impulsive and are able to take a more active role in caring for themselves and their environment. Cooperative play becomes more common at this stage.

THREE YEAR OLDS - although egocentric, they begin to understand the world that exists around them. At this stage they are becoming independent. They learn to make choices and understand consequences. They are blooming socially as well as intellectually. Fine motor skills are being refined along with gross motor as they develop a better understanding of their bodies. The lengthening attention span of a three year old allows them to better focus on the task at hand.

FOUR AND FIVE YEAR OLDS - continue to develop competencies as individuals. The focus of their curriculum is Kindergarten readiness, which includes the skills needed for pre-reading, writing, and problem solving. We accomplish this with a print rich environment filled with varied opportunities for hands on learning. We foster a desire to learn and discover as the children develop independence in daily living skills.

The above mentioned skills and developmental goals are achieved through activities based on the objectives of The Creative Curriculum® Literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts (dance, music, dramatic play) are all integral parts of our day. Children are offered a variety of choices in a structured, age appropriate environment. WE RESPECT THE CHILD AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND HELP EACH CHILD LEARN TO RESPECT OTHERS. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE MAKE THE LEARNING PLACE A FUN PLACE TO BE A CHILD.